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External Apps > WebStore will always contain a basic set of fields that the webstore sends accross.

When you want to hide a field from 'Request Overview' : edit the field and unselect :
- Show on Overview

When a specific field is added (like on a product form, or on checkout), it is always shown, but you can not use it in Decision Points, emails, ...
To do this, add this field to the list in External Apps.

Product specific fields follow this syntax:

   [PRODUCT NAME]Field Label
  [Bundle Class 4 Traveller Notebook Light]Select power plug

Every Product Category will send over 3 fields by definition:

   - [PRODUCT CATEGORY]AllProductsLong
   - [PRODUCT CATEGORY]AllProducts
   - [PRODUCT CATEGORY]Total Price

If you want to hide them, you will need to add all these fields to External Apps and uncheck 'Show on Overview'

If you have a field in asubform, linked to a product category, the syntax is:

   - [PRODUCT CATEGORY]<field internal label>
   NOTE: it is the internal label on the field in the subform.

example: Product Category : Sonstiges Subform : - Field Label : Produktionformationen - Subform to load:

          Title: Sonstiges Produkt
          Internal label: SOBAHardwareShopOther

- Field in Subform

           Internal label: sim_HardwareShop_OtherProduct_Description
           Label: Beschreibung

External apps > SSP6.WebStore was added:


as used in a reference (like in ticket information):

  1. REPLACE-EXTAPPFIELD-SSP6.Webstore-[Sonstiges]sim_HardwareShop_OtherProduct_Description#