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Welcome to the SMTX Wiki Portal, the source to find all company and product related information. 

Troubleshooting after installation SSP not running after installation, see this section for most common errors

General Error message

Error messages in forms

Server Error in '\Common' Application

Errors in process import

Project tips Learn and share knowledge gained during project implementations

Tips to create Topics

Tips to create forms

Tips to create Datastore Parameters

Tips to create processes

Tips about General Settings

Tips to use NCALC calculations

Tips to execute database queries & work with Datastore in Processes

Tips to create email templates

Tips to create Views

Tips regarding inbound email

Tips to create Shops

Using generic web services

SMTX Process Management Platform Web Services Connect with PMP through Web Services

Web Service to update process variables

Ticketing Task - external ticket ID acknowledgement

Ticketing status and semantic values

Ticketing Task - external update

Database scripting Go beyond standard configuration and learn how to script the database

Cleaning of SSP Database Converting rows into columns

Tips to create references (Knowledge management, ...)

Query the number of tickets per month

Generic queries on the SSP database

Kill database connections

Set SQL Server Isolation Level

Close workflow tickets via query

Queries related to the datastore parameters

Clear Ticketing cache

CSS classes (SSP7) Specific CSS classes per reference

Friesland Campina

Float Cancel button to the right

Get proper

linebreaks in HTML editor

Add custom fonts to the stylesheet

Messages tab is visible while multiplier step is displayed

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