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To show statusses within the ticketing module, you should create a data store parameter with the name ticketing-status. This parameter must have the following columns: Name, Type, Code, SemanticValue.

Name, contains the name of a status, as displpayed to the agents
Type, contains the set of statusses to which this status belongs. Types can be set in processes.
Code, contains the technical value of the status, used in conditions of the workflow
SemanticValue, contains a code that identifies the meaning of this status. See below for all semantic values= possible

Semantic Values

Below is an overview of the values that can be assigned to statusses:

Updated-Default. The default and only Updated status. 
Closed-Default. The default closed status, used in case the system closes a ticket
Closed. Another closed status, when selected the ticketing module assumes the ticket to be closed.
InProgress-Default. The default and only In progress status.
WaitingForCustomer-Default. The default and only Waiting for customer status.
WaitingForVendor-Default. The default and only Waiting for Vendor status. 

Please note that the settings page still has the options to give a meaning to statusses. These settings will be ignored once 1 SymanticValue has been set.