Link into an Order Type

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You can create a link into a shop, but how to link with an ordertype (OT) selected, or even go into the next chevron, called 'Select Products'?
First of all, if there are required fields, without a default value, on the first chevron.
If this is not the case, the user will need to fill in that data, and the fix below will only pre-select the ordertype (so he statys on chevron 'Initial Form'.
Also, if he needs to select a current Item, you can not link to the chevron 'Select Products'.
So, the make the link, follow this example:

To find the OT ID, that is a little tricky:
we have 2 ways: - check the filename of the image linked to the OrderType (if you uploaded one)

  => ordertype1.gif is the icon for ordertype with ID = 1

- Look in the source code for span OTID="X"