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All Calculation functions

Calculations on fields

Tips to use regular expressions

Example how to use IIF

Check if a field is different from a given value - or empty

Calculations between dates

Set the format of a number

Set the CSS class for a field

Fake Headers

How to set a default date in a form

How to make a custom button in a form

How to make a section that is started when a field is not empty

How to filter a list, based on a comma seperated value list

Display entries of a searcheable listbox (multi-select) on different rows

Display selected entries of a multi select list in a HTML table

Give a field a default value, using calculations

Calculate next business day from today

Actor refresh on step activate

Show images & HTML in options when using a radiobutton or checklist field

Set a default value on a date field, data coming from datastore parameter

Set a default value on any field, data coming from link

Link to another tab in the same form

How to create a bulletted list in a read-only field

How to create a bulletted list of uploaded attachments that are stored in a datastore

Show the current date without hours and minutes

Hide the SUBMIT button if not all requirements are met

Use a data field from a daastore as default value in a date field

Split Multiselect Values

Line breaks in helptexts

Field types in database

Show CSS classes used

Print PDF in Form

Use Main Form Field in subform without naming the mainform

Generate a list of items removed from a multi select list

Redirect old version of form to new one

Resize column widths on field type Grid

Copy all characters from a string before a certain character

Make a form with mulitple tables

Export a form to excel

Repeatable Sections

Repeatable Sections with Multiplier

Extract a portion from a field input (like the filename)

Extract an XML property from an upload field

Link to a ticket from within a form

Number formatting for calculations

Export Grid field to Excel in Form